Hypnosis For Health

There is no room for regrets in health. Not one of your experiences describes who you are, but how you resolve and grow from your experiences does describe you.

Hypnotism is a process that gives you an opportunity to shift away from feeling stuck by negative effects of life events and situations.

It is only within our own self that we can find the answer to living our own life in health and happiness.

Hypnosis gives you the unique opportunity to move your judgmental conscious mind out of the way, and let your feeling subconscious mind do the work. Once you embrace the process of hypnosis  and let your subconscious mind (see Rules of the Mind) do all the work for you, you may amaze yourself how easily and successfully it works for you.

Hypnotism can be a wellness skill as well as a problem solving skill.  After you have achieved your goal, there is a benefit in ongoing work to allow you to maintain motivation, encourage further progress, and to reinforce the benefits already achieved. In this way, ongoing reinforcement is a bit like getting a massage.  Just as no one ever says that they’ve had too many massages, no one can have to many hypnotic sessions either.  Everyone needs to relax and stay positive.

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