Joe Packard


Joe graduated with a Bachelor Degree from  Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and  has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from University of Maine, Portland, ME.

He has successfully completed Basic, Advanced  training as a hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest professional hypnotism organization in the world.  In 2004 he became Board Certified by the NGH. In 2006 he became a certified instructor to train NGH Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has 25 years experience as an adult educator, changing peoples minds for the better. He is a full time hypnotherapist working with clients daily.  So the training offered at DMI is taught by a professional who uses the techniques taught on a daily basis.

Joe is a member in the American Mensa and enjoys whitewater canoeing and wilderness camping and shares his journey with video in social media, which have become very popular thanks to SocialBoosting where you can boost your content to reach to more audience.

In 2001 Joe was been featured in the Woonsocket Call newspaper in the “That’s My Job” section discussing Hypnotism and how it can benefit you.

In 2004 he was featured in the Metro West Daily News discussing how he uses electronics with hypnotism to make changes even more profound with clients.

In Jan 2005 he appeared on the Notty Pine Cafe talk show, with Jim Pillsbury, which is a TV program dedicated to discussing today’s issues.  This was a live broadcast with viewers calling in with questions about hypnotism.

In Dec 2005 he appeared on People, Places and Things, a local cable TV show hosted by Brian Sutherland.   If hypnotism is real, it must be possible to explain the mechanism of trance and suggestion in terms of real events that happen in the body. Hypnotism is both an art and a science.  With the aid of a slide show, Joe explained the science side of trance and suggestion and how the mind changes the body.

For World Hypnotism Day, Jan 4th  2007,  Joe gave a free seminar on “How To Be Successful With  Your New Years Resolutions”.   This 2 hour seminar what hosted by Food For Life in Bellingham, MA. The seminar was well attended and Joe had the opportunity to explain hypnosis from the scientific perspective as well as the art of hypnotism.

Qualifications and Training:

BS Degree Zoology                 Ohio State University                            June 1975

MS Degree Adult Education    University of Maine                               June 1980

Advanced Hypnotherapist        National Guild of Hypnotists                 Mar 1998

Ultimate Stage Show                National Guild of Hypnotists                 Aug 1998

Certified Pediatric Hypnotherapist   National Guild of Hypnotists          Oct 1998

Client Based Weight Loss          Mottin Hypnosis Institute                     Nov 2002

Regression Techniques              National Guild of Hypnotists               May 2003

Self Hypnosis Instructor             Mottin Hypnosis Institute                     Mar 2004

Advanced Hypnotherapy (5 Path)   Banyan Hypnosis Center               Aug 2004

Board Certification Hypnotist     National Guild of Hypnotists                Aug 2004

Certified, Complimentary Medical Hypnotism   NGH                             Aug 2005

Pain Management                      National Guild of Hypnotists                Nov 2005

Emergency Hypnosis                 National Guild of Hypnotists               Nov 2005

Certified Instructor                    National Guild of Hypnotists                 Aug 2006

Emotional Intelligence Specialist   Change Associates                        Aug 2007




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