Telephone and Skype Sessions

Please use hypnosis to appreciate who you are, to develop all your potential, and to enjoy yourself!
Why Hypnosis-by-Phone or Skype?
Because there’s no faster way to change your life.  Hypnosis-by-Phone is an easily accessible and effective way to help you achieve your goals in the privacy of your own home, at a convenient time.  Through the use of your telephone or video session if you are so equipped, you can overcome your problems, achieve your goals and expand your mind.
Here’s how it works:
Just fill out the Intake Form.  Upon receipt of your completed form, together with the appropriate payment, we will set a mutually convenient appointment for a hypnosis session over the telephone or video equipment.
Your Hypnosis-by-Phone session is approximately 50 minutes long (you will actually be in a hypnotic trance for less then 30 minutes). The fee includes email consultations and support as well as a  CD  to provide you with continued hypnotic reinforcement. The fee is US $150.00.�
You will initiate the phone call to 508-478-8500 at the agreed upon time and as you to sit in your favorite chair, in the privacy of your home, you will accomplish your goal, using hypnosis.

Please fill out and mail  the intake form with payment to:
Dynamic Mind Institute
15 North Main Street C-4
Bellingham, MA 02019

For best results, please print out and read the following before your session:
Diaphragmatic (deep abdominal) Breathing
Besides increasing your energy through deep breathing, your body depends on the lymph system to drain off toxins from your body through deep breaths. Unlike the blood, the lymph system doesn’t have a pump. The lymph system relies on deep breathing and movement for stimulation. Diaphragmatic breathing multiples by 15 times the pace of normal elimination.
Practiced daily, this simple breathing technique can change your life for the better in many ways.   After just 3 minutes (or ten deep, purposeful breaths, and having achieved a relaxed state of mind, one can more easily focus on the task at hand, or free oneself of anger, fear, stress, and can even minimize physical pain (when used in conjunction with visualization techniques).

Take 10 Slow, Deep Breaths….
Make yourself as comfortable as possible… sitting or reclining with your spine straight and your arms and legs uncrossed.  Close your eyes.
Inhalation:    As you take your first breath, say silently, to yourself the number “One”.  Breathe in as deeply as is comfortable for you…. inhaling through your nostrils, filling and expanding your abdomen.  Imagine you’re inhaling radiant energy… fresh air… and fresh thoughts ideas and energy.
Exhalation:  Breathe out fully and completely… through your mouth…. Imagine you’re exhaling negative or stale  thoughts, ideas and energy…. Allow all of the air to fully flow out of your body.  Before you begin the next inhalation…. say, silently…  to yourself,  “Relax”.
Repeat the above for each of the 10 breaths… (numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)  Imagine that each inhalation is slowly filling a bright blue balloon in your belly, or that you are inhaling positive thoughts and energy and exhaling the negative.  Breathe rhythmically… slowly… and fully.  After the tenth exhalation is completed…  slowly open your eyes and notice how relaxed you are.
Change your breathing rate… change your emotional state!

* Practice the breathing technique to learn the art of relaxation. Use the technique just prior to your session.
* Designate a quiet, comfortable area in your home for your hypnosis session.
* Reduce the distractions in your environment: disconnect all other phones, pagers, cell phone,  and turn off the television, etc.
* Advise other occupants of your household to refrain from disturbing you until your session is over; plan your session at a time and in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed.�
* You may wish to create an atmosphere of relaxation by lighting a scented candle, or burning your favorite incense and dimming the lights.
* Loosen tight clothing, remove belts and/or tight shoes.
* Make yourself as comfortable as possible, (sitting or reclining). Position yourself in a way that supports your body safely. In other words, in a way that allows your body to relax limply without the possibility of falling.
* Uncross your arms and legs, straighten your spine, and allow your energy flow, unimpeded.
* About 10 minutes before our appointment time, practice the diaphragmatic breathing exercise to begin to relax.�
* A speaker-phone would be best, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you don’t have a speaker phone, decide beforehand, how you’ll position yourself and your telephone/ video camera to be most comfortable during the length of your session.
* Avoid being too hot, too cold, need for bathroom trip, or hungry, etc.
* You needn’t be concerned about “doing it right”.  Just allow your eyes to close when I ask you to close them, and focus on the sound of my voice. No need to try…. if you are trying too hard, you are trying with your conscious mind.
* It is normal for the mind to wander a bit during hypnosis.. if you notice your mind wandering… just bring it back to the sound of my voice.
* Please advise me if you have a hearing problem.
Successful, lasting results may require several hypnotherapy sessions and requires listening to an audio tape of your session for reinforcement. You are responsible for actively cooperating with, and participating in, the success of your program.
Like all hypnosis sessions, all information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

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