"Well, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that everything that you say in your CD for weight loss is TRUE! I am amazed at how great this works. Thank You Thank You Thank You!"


"Just wanted to say Thank You. Loved your class and will come back to see you for another session in the future. You will be happy to know that I have lost 26 lbs. and still working on more."


I attended the August Hypnosis for Weight Loss class at Emerson Hospital in Concord MA. This class was led by Joe Packard from Dynamic Mind Institute. I have had very positive results with my weight loss from the techniques that I picked up from Joe. I noticed after the first session with Joe my eating habits changed and I started to exercise more and more every day. It has been seven months from my first session with Joe and I am out walking an average of 4-6 miles a day (treadmill at home or work during bad weather). I had my yearly physical back in December and my doctor was surprised by how much weight I lost and when I was weighted that day I had lost over 50 lbs. I know I have lost more since my last appointment but I won't know the real number until next years physical because Joe suggested we don't weight ourselves and judge our weight loss by how our cloths are fitting. I have had to purchase a completely new wardrobe and I am wearing clothing sizes that I was fitting in over 20 years ago. I have no wants for soda any longer and have not had one since last August. My want for food I use to eat in excess has almost diminished and I find my meals are more healthier and the portions are smaller and fully satisfy me.
My advice to others interested in this is that you have to believe in hypnosis because everyone can be hypnotized but each persons results will be different. People look for a quick fix for things in life this may happen quickly for one person but not the other but the thing with this I found this is a life style change and you have to be ready to commit to that change. It isn't a change you are going to do for a few months.I was ready to make a change in my life. I had a family member who smoked for over 42 years and got hypnotized over 20 years ago and never smoked again. So I saw the proof and if you are willing you can do it . I want to thank Joe and Dynamic Mind Institute for bringing this program to my area so I could attend. I have sent several friends and co-workers to Joe and they have also benefited from his sessions.


I came in because I wasn't feeling as well as I could, nor was I happy with how my life was going, or more importantly, how to handle it. After the first few sessions, I noticed a marked difference in the way I feel. Gone is the lost feeling, the inability to focus, and the general sense of being frozen in place and unable to break through the self imposed barriers and get my life in order.

I just feel better about myself, and my ability to take charge of my life instead of just going along for the ride and seeing how it turns out. Even though there are still difficulties to face in life, the way I face them now is far superior to the way I used to feel. I can get things done, and move along to the next item on my agenda.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with the desire to change and take control of their lives. The happiness that comes from it makes me feel more free than since I was a child. Don't be afraid of positive change.


Congratulations on your accomplishment! Establishing the first licensed hypnotherapy school in Massachusetts is quite impressive! Even as a one time benefactress of your help (finding my engagement ring), the expertise with which you practiced your craft seemed remarkable: I'm not surprised that you're the first to acquire such a distinction.

Hypnotherapy is a skill I've always thought would compliment my MA in psychology. I'll be returning to school for a MSW in counseling this fall, which makes it even more appealing, but less financially feasible. I'll certainly set my sights on achieving this goal with Dynamic Mind Institute when I'm able. In the meantime, if my background (or desire for a summer job to compliment my full time position) could be of use to you, please keep me in mind.


I found Dynamic Mind Institute out of desperation for my son. He had been thru counseling session -so I decided to try something else. Thru hypnosis, my son has learned to work through his anger and not have it linger or "store" inside. It's small steps, but I've ( & he) have noticed the difference

As for me, I've had a weight problem all my life, but started to lose control about 3 years ago. Thru hypnosis, I have been able to get to the root cause and deal with them, so they are not lurking in my "background".

This has made me a more positive person and I actually feel Free-lighter! I am confident that I will succeed in my goals and beyond!


I just thought I would pass along that I haven't smoked since the first session that I had with you. I think that was Aug 16th, 2006 so I guess that means I haven't smoked in more than 9 months. Funny that you sent me that note today, I was actually playing golf with some co-workers and they were surprised to see that I wasn't smoking. They were totally shocked to find out that i haven't smoked in so long.

I find it isn't even remotely difficult not to smoke. I hardly ever think about it and when I do it is always in the context of " boy am I glad I don't smoke". Its hard for me to imagine that I used to smoke. I definitely don't miss it. It does feel like more than 9 months, perhaps 9 years but that is because I don't even feel like I ever smoked, not because it has been a challenge.

I think its safe to say hypnotism works. I recommend it to anyone who sounds like they want to quit.
Thanks Again!!!


The best way for me to do this is in list form. There are so many ways I feel better after hypnotherapy that it's the easiest way not to forget anything.
One, first and foremost, I've stopped drinking, and I don't miss it at all!
I have more energy.
I have been able to forgive, and move past issues that have been an issue for years, and contributed to my drinking.
I am dealing with difficult people in my life in a way that is not stressful.
I have more energy, and have picked up old hobbies and gained new ones that bring me a lot of joy.
I feel like clouds that have surrounded me and weighted on me for years have been lifted. My life is like fresh air!
I am finding happiness in my everyday life that has eluded me for a very long time.
I am thankful that hypnotherapy was recommended by a friend, and if the opportunity ever arises, I wouldn't hesitate to suggest it!
Thank You1


DMI has been a true blessing. After just a few hypnotherapy sessions with Joe, I was able to get a handle on my anxiety that had governed my life for many years. Joe was able to help me understand the nature and origin of my anxiousness, and develop a mindset that allowed me to see myself and the world in a whole new light.
In addition, Joe has taught me a variety of relaxation techniques that I am able to use anytime and anywhere. Stress is now something I am able to identify in it's early stages and take simple steps to eradicate it. All in all, Dynamic Mind Institute has given me back my life. Thanks for the new perspectives on this journey of life.


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